The Bachelor season 19 is hot and contestant Becca Tilly is one of the final two girls to have the chance to claim Chris soules is love Becca stands out in the season as the sweet kind stunningly beautiful southern girl she was also one of two virgins on the show this year Becca revealed the secret shortly before spending the night with Chris in the fantasy suite Becca Tilly was born in 1988 she is originally from Shreveport Louisiana but called San Diego California home she attended Louisiana Tech University until 2008 although her family has affiliations with Louisiana State University in fact her older sister Katie married Jacob Hester who was a running back on LSU’s 2007 national championship team unfortunately Becca’s net worth is not publicly known she has worked in a salon and as a chiropractic assistant she has not believed to have earned significant wealth on her own before entering the bachelors show similarly her family’s net worth is unknown however Becca will have significant publicity marketing and promotional opportunities now that the season is finally coming to a close whether Becca is chosen by Chris or not this beauty will have many opportunities to expand her presence and earn considerable wealth in the future we estimate Becca’s net worth to be $50,000

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