Bobby Brown is a household name when discussing American R&B music born Robert Beresford Brown On February 5th 1969 in the projects of Boston Massachusetts Bobby proved to be talented at a very early age Bobby Brown has five children Landon 1989 laprincia 1990 Robert Beresford Brown jr. 1992 Bobby Christina Houston Brown 1993 and Kassius 2010 his most famous marriage was to singer Whitney Houston which lasted about 15 years until their divorce in 2007 he is currently married to his former manager Alicia Etheridge since 1983 Bobby Brown has been making money for his singing talents that was the year that new edition AB and Bobby formed with his childhood friends had its first album titled Candy Girl in 1989 Bobby earned eight million dollars for his album don’t be cruel since then he has completed three more solo albums and one with childhood band new addition since 2013 Bobby has continued to earn quite a bit of money which is estimated to be around $400,000 each year he receives this income through new addition royalties solo career royalties and various acting jobs Bobby Brown is estimated to have a net worth of around five million dollars at this present time

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