Cameran Eubanks is a real-estate broker who was born and raised in Anderson South Carolina born in 1983 she got her first taste of Fame when she appeared in real world San Diego in 2004 she has since been involved in other versions of that show as well as the show southern charm which is on Bravo as the daughter of upper-class parents she grew up used to the finer things but that did not lead to a spoiled disposition her sweetness and charm have made her very popular she was married to dr. Jason Wimberly working in real estate has given you banks a productive way of earning a living but she also has brought in cash from her appearances on real world in its various forms as well as southern charm her beauty and grace have been to her advantage on these shows and helped her to win cash prizes being born into a rich family has given you banks the resources to understand how to manage money well she has taken good care of the money that she has earned as a result her four television appearances as well as her salary as a broker to date this young woman is estimated to have a net worth of about $500,000

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