Forty-five-year-old chika Kibo is well known as one of the favorite real housewives of Melbourne her husband business partner and best friend encouraged her to do the show as part of an effective business strategy for their very successful company the big group she met brewski Bao when they were both twenty years old and working together in the catering industry they married at 23 and have two children chessy h20 and eighteen-year-old BJ once a regular guest on Good Morning Australia chika now runs one of the most prominent catering and event companies in Australia along with her husband this dynamic team continues to find success in their common creative work together their passion for food and their mutual love of hospitality has driven their company to include two recent prosperous endeavors capital kitchen and the Design Depot collectively employing over 1,600 staff members only time will tell how the successfully the key boughs and their respective companies will continue to amass wealth current estimates report over 25 million dollars in annual revenue but if the past is an indication of the future the forecast shows continued growth what began as a few side jobs for cook and her waiter has become a series of companies that 21 years later has proven to grow exponentially creativity innovation and hard work will continue to carry this couple to the top the sky is truly the limit with respect to what they can accomplish both from business and financial perspectives chika kiba’s net worth is estimated to be 17 million dollars

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