Gamble bro was born in 1971 into a family of artists since early childhood she has been passionate about music her very first words were song lyrics she is married to one of Australia’s most respected eye surgeons dr. Richard Wolff she is a stepmother to Wolf’s son Luke in their gorgeous home on the Mornington Peninsula Wolff also has other children but bro has not yet officially accepted them as her stepchildren bro began her career as a model for a magazine but the magazine went south and she moved on her passion for painting led her to begin work for Charles Billick one of the Australian contemporary art community’s most respected artists she works at the Billick gallery for the famous painter she privately collects contemporary art and dedicates her passion to her work additionally she designs handbags for the company I gamble on her Twitter account she explains these bags are designed for liberation freedom sexuality and style currently she stars on the television hit showed the Real Housewives of Melbourne she started during the show’s second season which is set to premiere later this year the international series will premiere in primetime in the United States the media clearly reveals that gamble bro is able to maintain an extravagant lifestyle the housewife has frequent Botox injections lives right on the beach in a gorgeous home and owns two expensive dog breeds she publicly pampers Gamble’s net worth is estimated to be 5 million dollars

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