Professional wrestler television personality and actor Hulk Hogan was born as Terri Jean boliya in Augusta Georgia on august 11 1953 Hogan has two children a daughter named Brooke and a son named Nick both of which he shares with his first wife Linda the family was featured in a reality television series titled Hogan Knows best Hogan has been married to his current wife Jennifer McDaniel since December of 2010 Hogan rose to stardom during the 1980s and 1990s through his working relationship with the former World Wrestling Federation now known as World Wrestling Entertainment Hogan’s all-american persona took a sharp turn when he joined World Championship Wrestling as Hollywood Hulk Hogan the fiendish leader of NWO but his staying power and sports entertainment remained intact Hogan earned World Championships twelve times over the course of his career and was the first to win the Royal Rumble two years in a row in 2005 Hogan was admitted into the WWE Hall of Fame and in 2009 Hogan accepted a role as an on-screen general manager with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Hogan returned to the WWE to take a job as the host of WrestleMania in February 2014 Hogan’s wealth took a significant hit in 2011 after he was ordered to pay his ex-wife Linda 70% of their joint assets which were reportedly worth as much as thirty million dollars at the time as of 2014 Hogan’s net worth was approximately eight million dollars

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