Jaci gillies is the youngest of six socialites featured on the Real Housewives of Melbourne this reality TV show focuses on these wealthy young people and how they enjoy themselves in a bustling Australian City gillies is deeply spiritual and has a talent for helping people understand their purpose she also claims to be able to connect people with their deceased loved ones she is married to silver chair drummer Ben gillies who she was connected with again 14 years after being his childhood sweetheart gillies is originally from Croatia and she owns property both there and in Australia she has gotten most of her money from her television appearances and from her work as a psychic in part because of the show she is renowned in Australia and her psychic services are in high demand she’s the creator of a cocktail line called la máscara and she uses the money that she earns for humanitarian and philanthropic purposes Jackie gillies has earned enough money from her work as a psychic and a model along with her TV work on Real Housewives of Melbourne to be considered a millionaire she is currently estimated to have a net worth of about two million dollars

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