kimberley noel kardashian is an american starlet who was born in 1980 kim attended an all-girls roman catholic high school named mary mountain california that may explain some of the behaviors she exhibited later in life she has three biological siblings and she is currently the mother of one child with her husband Kanye West a leaked sex tape is what propelled the voluptuous celebrity to fame when she bore it all for the world to see with rapper Ray J well this relationship did not last it was the foundation for the hit reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians that continues to air on e4 Kim this was a chance for her to market her brand and establish herself and her less talented sisters as stars for the millions who viewed the Kardashians they were always sure to see something that was completely out of the ordinary Kim has done quite well for herself and she has an estimated net worth of forty five million dollars Kim earns about eighty thousand dollars per episode on her TV show and 2013 saw her raking about ten million dollars her marriage to Kanye West in 2014 ensures that she is even better off today

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