Lisa Vanderpump is an actress and television personality who was born in London and got her start in TV on shows like silk stockings and Baywatch nights she is married to restaurant owner Ken Todd and owns 29 restaurants with him she has also contributed extensively to their design and loves doing that work the two of them have two children Max and Pandora both of whom were adults in addition to her other activities Vanderpump is the oldest of the housewives on the reality TV show The Real Housewives which shows the lavish lifestyle of the very rich Vanderpump has done a lot of acting over the years and she has also branched out into other areas among the many clubs and restaurants she is designed is the Via Blanca which is known as a celebrity hot spot in Beverly Hills she also designs most of the clothes that she wears and she has produced a line of skincare products for epyon she also writes for Beverly Hills lifestyle magazine her greatest fame however has come from the Real Housewives for which she earns half a million dollars each season Lisa Vanderpump considers herself to be a philanthropist as much of her money goes to support various charitable causes with income stemming primarily from restaurants but from several other sources as well she has made a great deal of money throughout her life she is now estimated to have a net worth of about 65 million dollars

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