Lidia schiavelli is an Australian model who has gained additional fame through being on the Real Housewives of Melbourne which shows six Australian socialites having a great time in Melbourne besides her work as a model and on television she’s an accomplished chef and is also extremely fashionable not only does she insist on always going out in style but she makes sure that her dog Figaro always looked snazzy as well she is the wife of architect Andrew Newbury and the mother of two sons one daughter and three stepsons she Avella is known for her beauty and her fashion sense and she also has both a passion and a real talent for interior design which she has put to good use in the lavish homes that she and her husband own because of the fortune that she has amassed on her own and with the help of her husband she is active in philanthropic efforts through the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute she has brought in money from modeling fashion design and investments as well as from her role on the reality TV show all told she is estimated to have a net worth of about fifty million dollars

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