Ah so Sultan remati is a Persian American reality TV star artist and entrepreneur she was born on September 1st 1976 in ava’s Iran her family left Iran at a young age and she was raised in Europe she relocated to the United States as a teenager and eventually settled in Los Angeles she graduated from UCLA with a degree in both philosophy and psychology she is known for openly defying the traditional Persian standards for women she is very Americanized in her behavior and is a voice for female empowerment in the Muslim community she has been dating Jermaine Jackson jr. son of Jermaine Jackson since 2010 AUSA Sultan rap Mattie’s career began in 2012 when she landed the starring role in Bravo’s reality series Shahs of Sunset the show follows Ramadi and her group of Iranian American friends as they struggle between the Beverly Hills lifestyle and honoring family traditions in addition to the show Ramadi has seen success in the Venice art scene she has sold her work to several publications and they can be found on the streets of Venice in the second season of the show remati cultivated her entrepreneurial spirit when she launched a premium water company called diamond water the water got its name from being filtered through diamonds before being bottled between all of her endeavors ASSA sultan Ramadi has amassed a net worth of $250,000

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