Mike Wolfe was born in Joliet Illinois on June 11th 1964 and was married to the former Jody faith on September 8 2012 after a 17-year relationship their daughter Charlie was born on January 30th 2012 Wolfe also has a younger brother Robbie and a younger sister Beth Wolfe is the current co-host of The History Channel reality show American Pickers which goes across the United States looking for material that others considered junk but can be resold Wolf’s passion began as a child collecting material from waste sites due to his family’s precarious financial situation he once found a bike that he rode until someone offered him five dollars for it which he accepted he ended up running a bicycle store from 1989 to 2000 at which point he then opened up his antique archeology store in LeClair Iowa by 2010 his reality show went on the air and continues after more than a hundred episodes vet recognition has allowed him to begin another company named Russ durations which restores and then resells old light fixtures Wolfe’s estimated net worth is between four to seven million dollars a figure that’s risen since his show went on the air that’s due not only to the $500,000 salary he earns for doing the show each year but the increase in foot traffic at his store in addition he’s written two books as part of a two million dollar contract one an instructional volume for children on assessing junk and another a guide related to his television show

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