Nene leakes is a reality star actress author producer and fashion designer her birth name is Linda Theodoric Johnson she was born in Queens New York on December 13 1967 she resides in Atlanta Georgia with her husband Gregg Leakes she has two children NeNe Leakes shot to fame on the Real Housewives of Atlanta the reality show closely follows the ups and downs of several women living in Atlanta Georgia she also appeared in a show that followed her remarriage to estranged husband Gregg Leakes she is credited with several television appearances on popular Network shows like Glee the new normal Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing with the Stars Leakes has also starred on Broadway in Cinderella her other talents include designing a fashion line that she promotes on the Home Shopping Network the salaries for the Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo was revealed to the public sometime during the sixth season most make a rather good salary a few make an outstanding salary at that time NeNe Leakes was the top dog on the show she made $800,000 per season of course she makes more for outrageous acts on the show that draw a lot of attention and controversy currently Leakes is earning about $1,000,000 per season on the show her estimated net worth is 12 million dollars

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