Patti stanger was born in Short Hills New Jersey in 1961 both her mother and grandmother were professional matchmakers and Patti would go on to carry on the family business first she attended the University of Miami and worked in the fashion industry in New York City she eventually created her own Los Angeles based company Millionaire’s Club Internacional Incorporated which specializes in matching millionaires up with their dream spouses her success rate is extremely high with millionaires who take the process seriously and she has several strict rules in place that she says add to her success such as not allowing sex outside of a committed relationship she is the author of several books connected to her business and she also hosts the radio program PS I love you much of her fame has come from her reality television show The Millionaire Matchmaker which airs on Bravo those who watch the show are able to see her finely honed matchmaking process at work as of early 2015 there have been seven seasons and more than 80 episodes have aired Stanger’s money has come from working with wealthy clients from her books and radio show and from her TV show which continues to draw viewers her net worth is currently estimated to be around 4.5 million dollars

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