Riker Lynch was born in Littleton Colorado on November 8th 1991 he has four brothers and sisters who share his love for the performing arts starting from a young age he began acting in several plays and creating music with his family at 16 he wanted to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting so the entire family decided to come with him the siblings decided to create their own band r5 in which Riker plays the bass and is one of the lead vocalists together the group has played numerous shows highlighting two songs they released on the Austin and Ally soundtrack as well as their 2010 album Ready Set rock and their 2013 album louder this young star has also appeared on the TV show Glee and it’s 2011 concert spin-off Glee live in concert the tour spawned a movie which debuted in 2011 he is set to compete on Dancing with the Stars this year his small music career in short appearances on television and film have left him with a questionable net worth his brother Ross who was able to secure a role on the Disney Channel series Austin and Ally has an estimated net worth of two million dollars whereas Ryker ranks in at less than 1 million dollars most of his appearances and roles have been nominal but he’s still young it’s inevitable that this star will stay in the spotlight and we will see a more measurable networth emerge in the future

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