Robert Herjavec is a businessman and television personality that was born and varnished in Croatia on September 14 1962 Robert Herjavec currently resides in Toronto Canada he has been married to his wife Diane please for over 20 years the couple currently have two daughters and one son together their two daughters are named Caprice and Skye and their son is named Brendan Robert Herjavec first career was as a producer and director for television he would work on the television movie the return of Billy Jack as an assistant director Robert Herjavec would also work as a field producer on the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo in 1984 Persia Beck would start working at a small computer company called logic West as a salesman and he quickly became the company’s general manager with his newly acquired computer knowledge Robert Herjavec would start his own internet security software he would eventually sell his new company to a TNC for a hundred million dollars in 2000 Persia vac used the money to start another technology company called Herjavec Group in 2003 due to his business knowledge Robert Herjavec has appeared on the investment show shark tank since its creation in 2009 Robert Herjavec has an estimated net worth of 200 million dollars he made a total of $30,000 per episode for his work on the television show shark tank in 2013 and 2014 this would give him a yearly salary of just under 1 million dollars for Shark Tank it is unknown how much money Robert Herjavec has made in the last two years through his business investments and other television appearances

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