Ryan Serhant is a real estate agent and reality television star that was born in Houston Texas on July 2nd 1984 he currently resides in New York New York Ryan Serhant has never been married and he does not currently have any children Ryan Serhant dreamed of becoming an actor when he was young he would study theater during his time at Hamilton College and he would move to New York immediately after graduating he would get several small acting roles before landing a role on the soap opera as the world turns in 2007 after working on as the world turns for 19 episodes Serhant would stop acting to pursue a career as a real estate agent he would quickly become one of the most successful young real estate agents in New York City Ryan Serhant thriving real estate career would land him a spot on the reality show million dollar listing New York in 2012 the reality show would follow his life as he attempts to sell some of the most expensive real estate in the city of New York Sirhan has also appeared on CNN CNBC and other news networks to talk about the real estate market he is set to appear in the film while we’re young in March 2015 Ryan Serhant has an estimated net worth of approximately 20 million dollars in addition to the money earned selling homes Ryan Serhant also makes a significant amount of money for his television appearances his exact salary and earnings for 2013 and 2014 are not known

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