Shepard Rose was born and raised in South Carolina spending most of his youth in Hilton Head where he returned after going to college at the University of Georgia and Vanderbilt he is the nephew of B Boykin Rose who ran the South Carolina Department of Public Safety and his family name is attached to the town of Boykin and the state dog the Boykin Spaniel after getting his MBA he worked in real estate development while Rose comes from old money he has also made some of his own in real estate and from the show southern charm on this reality show he is one of six socialites enjoying the charms of a southern life he is the easygoing ladies man in the group with some help from the fame that he has gained from the show he plans to start up a restaurant in Charlestown with a couple of friends called the Palace Hotel this dive bar will specialize in serving gourmet hot dogs Shepherd Rose is just in the process of getting started on his career but he has done well for himself so far he is currently estimated to have a net worth of about $200,000

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