Witney sutler smith is a filmmaker and musician who is both an executive producer and cast member of the reality TV show southern charm along with the other wealthy socialites on the show he enjoys all that the South has to offer he is in a long-term relationship with Larissa murrelet who is from Austria although he lived in Los Angeles for 17 years while he worked on various projects in the film and music industry he is currently living with his mother former New York City socialite Patricia Altschul in her nearly 5 million dollar home in Charleston Smith has considerable talent and received classical training to enhance his skills the projects that he helmed while in California include dark realm Bubba and Dyke and tortured TV his most successful project to date has been the documentary ultra suede in search of Halston southern charm showcases not only him but his mother as well highlighting her flamboyant personality Smith’s money comes from his wealthy parents as well as his filmmaking projects and his television ventures he has been able to sustain a sizable fortune altogether he is estimated to have a net worth of about two million dollars

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