Yolanda Foster is a former model and current reality television personality who was born on January 11 1964 she is the wife of record producer David Foster who she married in 2011 and the former wife of Mohamed Hadid II before their 2003 divorce during her previous marriage the couple had three children Jelena Isabella and Anwar after Foster’s modeling career ended she became a housewife but received a very generous settlement in the subsequent divorce these items included a 3.6 million dollar cash payout $10,000 in monthly child support a 6 million dollar home in Malibu a Santa Barbara mansion a number of cars that included a Range Rover in Cadillac Escalade in addition her ex-husband agreed to pay for private schools for their children a full-time nanny and pay for a 1 million dollar life insurance policy in which the children would be the beneficiaries since her marriage to foster the spousal support has ended but she has joined the cast of the Bravo reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills her yearly salary for appearing on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is $100,000 but that amount pales in comparison to the previous money obtained in the divorce and other investments Foster’s estimated net worth is 30 million dollars since some sources say it could be as low as 15 million dollars and some as high as 45 million

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